Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What you are about to read from now on is well crafted lies, lies which only purpose will be to entertain you.

For generations Marilyn Manson has captured the imagination of thousands of crowds so what better way to celebrate that to offer stories, unreal stories that is. Feel free to join and pitch in with any piece of literature (fanfics): complete stories, poems, short stories, etc.

The guidelines are the following:

1.The file can be uploaded to Google Doc,, .doc if in Word format, Deviantart or any other source but must be sent to the e-mail:

2. The extension is not important but if you're intending to write a novel with several chapters please specify if you are working on a regular basis to keep the readers updated.

3. The genres can consist of: Romance, Horror, Comedy, Crossover (mixing genres or worlds with popular themes or events)  Normal, Fantasy, Erotic (if it has adult content please provide warning) Shipping is allowed as well (if you're entirely sure of what this term means, please visit this link:

4. I'm not a grammar nazi but please proofread your work before submitting.

5. You may use an illustration or an image to use as reference for your story. Note: if you borrow from an artist or friend mention his or her name to avoid stealing.

6. Remember it's entirely fan made fiction stories so keep it clean and avoid narrating actual events to prevent speculations, that's how urban legends are born.

7. You may include two or more members of the band and or original characters

8. Any other submission that does not meet these requirements will be automatically rejected but at least I'll be kind enough to offer you a detailed explanation. For example, you can post other people's work as long as they grant you permission.

Have fun! Remember that others will be watching you and I will encourage your work.

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