Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Villain Is Back In Town!

Ladies and gentlemen, the wait is officially over as Marilyn Manson´s newest video has been leaked TO-DAY and the song is called "No Reason".

Although it might be a little bit too early to jump to any reviews, furthermore any conclusions, for this we would need to pay your total attention.

First scene opens with the initial sequence of an acclaimed cult film "The Holy Mountain" by Alejandro Jodorowsky, who also happens to be one of Manson´s greatest influences. If you still haven´t seen the 1973 movie, go watch it now! 

Second, you might also check out the canned trailer of "Phantasmagoria:The Visions Of Lewis Carroll" that was leaked last year and it´s available on MM´s site so that means the comparisons are going to be more than obvious and uncomfortable.

Once again, dipped in symbolism, movie references, a new philosophy that will keep your head spinning and thirsty for more. However, due to the nature of this video viewer discretion is advised. Anyone below 18 please leave the room and if you didn´t do it...HOORAY FOR YOU!


Below the "Phantasmagoria" trailer.

So what does the Ponyvillain have to say about this?

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