Saturday, November 13, 2010


Single Release Date: Nov 7th 2000
Directed by: Samuel Bayer

On the opening sequence Manson emerges from a black lagoon possibly signifying the birth of a new identity, as this one was already stated with the inclusion of the Mercury symbol. For those of us who aren't highly familiarized with the Occult and Alchemy, Mercury is the conjunction of both male and female forces, an idea already explored during the Mechanical Animals era and reinforced by the usage of Marilyn (Hollywood actress) and Manson (notorious serial killer).

The singer adopts several other characters during this video, such as a pope (compare to the Hierophant Card in the Holywood booklet), Manson sporting a rare two-headed sheep skin, a scene with policemen and many other rich symbolism reminiscent of the Last Supper that surpasses the meaning of the song.

Single Release Date: February 2, 2001
Directed by: W.I.Z and MM

A football riot in a goth high school? Hell yeah. The opening scene  features a billboard that reads, "Happy to Live In America" injecting sarcasm into the mood. Two teams, Holywood and Death beat the Hell out of each other while the 'band´ plays along the chant or "fight song" with the same name. Notice how Manson and the rest of the football players have the number "00" on their backs. In the original Holywood booklet is a Tarot Card, The Fool which bears the 0 meaning the beginning of a journey or cycle, yet another hidden meaning is ignorance.

Single Release Date: October 6, 2001
Directed by: Paul Fedor

Resembling a darker fairytale ambient two children escape from the clutches of white clerical characters only to be seek refuge in a Manson dressed as a sort of witch or sorcerer who later turns the captors into a pie. One of the most symbolic representations is the Wood or Tree Demon in the middle of a snowy forest. In fact, Manson has used this element for a long time, including one of his oldest tattoos which is a scary tree.

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