Sunday, October 24, 2010


My, my, my, how long has it been since we haven´t posted anything?

We snatched these brand new studio photographs taken by Perou, who has become one of Marilyn Manson´s best allies when it comes to style. The UK based photographer has worked previously in promos made for The Golden Age Of Grotesque, EAT ME, DRINK ME, and now for this new untitled album.

What has changed in these last few years for Marilyn Manson since 1996 when Christians roared at his provocative concerts? Well, the makeup´s still there, however this recent pic shows a very interesting effect that resembles body art. It seems like part of Manson´s face looks literally like it was hand painted.

 This next one displays some white wave patterns very similar to the ones used for the poster art for Magic Vs Science; a past event where Manson appeared briefly as The Evil Magician.

Poster art for "Magic Vs Science, 2010"
Do these waves represent anything in particular, or is just a graphic design coincidence?

This next one is visually beautiful, reminiscent of some pics done by Delaney Bishop for The High End Of Low.

Notice how Manson carries a neon light in hand.

So how can we possibly label this new style? A long time ago the term heavy metal was said to be fashioned by a critic after listening to a Jimi Hendrix concert quoting,

  "listening to heavy metal falling from the sky." 

Judging from the latest pictures there certainly seems to be an impressive level of minimalism compared to the mid-90s and 2000s eras where glam and shocking imagery invaded MTV and rock magazines. We hopes that this goes hand in hand with the new sound.

More to come...

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