Sunday, October 31, 2010

7 Horribly Scary Manson Videos...

Ah, Halloween Night is upon us again, but before you go to off to the land of dreams there´s not better thing than a good scare.

Over the past sixteen years we´ve seen some very disturbing scene in Marilyn Manson´s universe, but can you recall the most mind-blowing, creepiest and spookiest experiences ever?

1. Dope Hat, Smells Like Children, 1995.

What starts off as an innocent tribute to Willy Wonka´s legendary boat ride turns into a horrible nightmare. Come to think of it, the boat ride was already super creepy.

 2. Sweet Dreams (are made of these), Smells Like Children, 1995.

Oh dear, who ever thought the new wave 80s  Eurythmics hit could turn into a modern goth anthem? Only Manson knew better. Here´s one of our personal favorites featuring ghouly makeup, Manson in drag and an overgrown cute pig.

3.  The Beautiful People, Antichrist Superstar, 1996.

There´s nothing beautiful about this video, and that´s the greatest thing about it. What seems like a silent protest to cosmetic surgery obsessed Hollywood and Christianity has become one of Manson´s best videos of all time.

4. Disposable Teens, Holywood, 2000.

"A rebel from the waist down."

These lyrics did lift some eyebrows back in the days. The opening sequence of this videos features an in incredibly tall Manson emerging from a black lagoon and powerful esoteric imagery.

5.  The Nobodies, Holywood, 2000.

Based loosely on The City Of Lost Children (or so they say)  this is one that tots might find incredibly scary.

6. mOBSCENE, The Golden Age Of Grostesque, 2003.

Think a 30s Burlesque inspired video isn´t scary? Think again.

7. Putting Holes In Happiness, EAT ME, DRINK ME, 2007

Inspired by the imagery from Fritz Lang´s "M", the video also explores the everlasting subject of vampirism that we all love, but kiddies beware...

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