Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Some Pretty Poison...

WARNING: This next part is inspired by the song "If I Was Your Vampire" and Alice In Wonderland´s chapter, "Down The Rabbit Hole".

    "This is where it starts.
     This is where it will end.
     Here comes the Moon again."

Rituals, something that it´s a part of our lives. A moment of solitude to get in touch with our senses. It´s been said that the power of this satellite has influenced people for ages. Some even believed that because the tides of the ocean agitated so did the water within our bodies and caused us to be more impulsive and primitive. Some even speculated that this was the reason why killers became so violent. Thus this inspired many tales of horror, like werewolves and vampires...

...vampires. They usually come out at night to hunt. Amazing how Manson decided to compare himself (or his loved one) with a monster in the first track of "EAT ME, DRINK ME", there´s even a warning:

"I love you so much you must kill me now..."

but there wasn´t any when Alice encountered the bottle which contents shrunk her. Still, she said to herself:

"No, I´ll look first," she said, "and see whether it´s marked  poison or not."

The path to Wonderland was paved with trickery. So is the art of Marilyn Manson. Later on, in 2009's The High End of Low, we find yet another warning in the song, Leave A Scar:

"Turn around, walk away, before we confuse the way we abuse each other."
We enter freely into these alternate universes, however temptation stands before us. Alice had her White Rabbit and vampires their mesmerizing eyes. And Manson, how does he tempt us anyway?

Blood is the elixir for the beautiful undead, as imagination was for Alice. Did they drink to live, to exist or to get away from it all? To shut off all the sense and feel the illumination come about. We cannot rest until we devour, so says the song from The High End Of Low:

"I can´t sleep until I devour you..."
Thus the abuse of  these chemicals, these drugs make us seem less and less human. Alice had to eat something to grow, to find a balance, like the yin-yang. They do say that Lewis Carroll´s most famous book became widely popular for its references to mind-altering substances. And drinking blood in real life is considered somewhat satanic, cannibalistic. but it attracts the wildest and feeds them. And this is where I lead you back to the Moon; didn´t I mention it did things to people? The same goes with animals.

"6:19 and I know I´m ready..."

The hunting begins for Manson, this modern vampire which consumes, but is also consumed. Whenever I think of the Moon I go back all the way to the origins of the Tarot Card marked XVIII (18)

When it´s full one exudes creativity, fantasies, fears, imagination. Wasn´t that what Alice craved for? It materialized in the shape of her tears creating a huge pool which finally drove her to the promised land. A transformation began, genuine magic. She dives into the unconscious. Because within the water there is life, as it is in blood, as it is when two people love each other, but if not well balanced there is Death.

"I shall be punished for it now, I suppose,
by being drowned in my own tears!"

Whatever was that she ate or drank catalyzed her pool and as soon as she reached the surface she would be reborn. As soon as the Moon completes its cycle, the chaos and destruction will wash away everything that surrounded Manson´s relationship. A new beginning. So there you see, we begin and end with the same words. The unevitable, everything is black, no turning back.

   "This is where it starts.
        This is where it will end.
        Here comes the Moon again."

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