Friday, August 13, 2010

A Red Carpet Massacre...

WARNING: In this next part we painted our roses red and we´re not ashamed of it, we are plotting to behead.

"They call her bulldozer speech demon without distractions of hope, she makes the depression business look surprisingly novel."

The Queen Of Hearts, demon woman, whatever, embodies all the elements of ruling with heavy authority. She refuses to listen, sit down and dialogue. In fact, she hates anything that makes sense. In fact, she thinks that anything can be solved just by chopping off everybody´s heads off. And, as the Caterpillar said, "why" the head?. Because it is the only way to grow as a person, by learning.

NOTE: In real life the person that Manson was describing in the song is believed to his ex-wife, but it could have also been a reference the imposing mainstream culture who, acts like a bulldozer and removes the real artists.

"Us boys are all dressed up like a mediocre suicide omen,
 here comes the red carpet grave..."

The King of Hearts was also known as The Suicide King because his card looks like he is holding a knife in his head. However, in the illustrations by John Tenniel he doesn´t have such weapons. However, our Clover boys have other names and meanings. You see, their "distant relatives" the Tarot Cards predict the near future, but they advise an evil omen?

Let´s see:

The Ace of Clovers is equivalent to The Ace of Wands! Think, think, think, this reminds me of someone. Aha! Remember we spoke of the King Of Wands? The Ace is actually a card that brings good luck, like a four leaf clover...

The Deuce of Clovers is equivalent to The Two Of Wands! It means it´s a card that invites us to take a bold journey to face the unknown , new experiences

The Three of Clovers is equivalent to The Three of Wands of course. It is a card of nobility, balance. He has plans to complete a mission..

So, were these boys traitors, probably. But their days were counted anyway. And what about the King Of Wands, or Clovers? In the old he was fashioned after a legendary king, Alexander The Great.

    "I can't turn my back on you,
    when you are walking away."

A rebellion in Wonderland? That´s unheard of. Fear this goverment!

    "The trees in the courtyard are painted in blood,
    so I've heard.
    She hangs the headless
    upside down to drain." (from Eat Me, Drink Me)

If the cards are upside down for everyone to contemplate indeed they will become a bad omen or perhaps our hopes and dreams of a better future will be forgotten. Not if Alice and The White Rabbit can help it.

"It´s easy to beat the system, had a hard time beating the symptoms."

Lots of  ideas are brought back to life in these lyrics, and this last part reminds us of a quote from Manson´s Journal from 2002:

"We are being told that the sounds and images of art are now the symptoms of the creator. We as the artists, are now considered unhealthy and incurable."

The White Rabbit knew well when he stumbled upon Alice. Her virtues are needed to destroy and rebuild, and the only way will be by beheading The Queen...what a gruesome task for a child to perform, but if she already has a way with words, she can handle a blade pretty well...


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