Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Queen Alice? (Part 1 of Bitter End).

This is only a game,
This is only a game

"I survived the garden of the flowers of evil exactly like you wanted," said Alice to the White Rabbit as she crushed the carcasses of the poppies, knife in hand. "But how much farther?"

"Not much now," as the fields die the road to the palace reveals itself slowly.

The young girl with eyes so blue felt a sudden rush of adrenaline and triggered her heart. "How curious," she said softly. "It feels as if I had sipped some very exotic tea; not too hot to burn your tongue, not too cold to make it tasteless."

"It´s in her blood now, I can feel it," the rabbit thought to himself as he rubbed his furry paws.

"But then our star rushes in,
Feeling like a child and looking
Like a woman...
She has been forecast with an
Attempt to kill herself,
But the ending didn't test well."

Alice didn´t like very much what she saw next, but she moved on anyway...her heart was pounding faster than ever, almost at the same rate as a rabbit´s heartbeat...

" I see HER!" Alice shouted, her voice sounded raspy, "But she´s even bigger than me! Whatever will I do?"

" She might appear bigger and stronger, but certainly not faster..." whispered The White Rabbit in her ear. "The Red Queen once said:

"Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!' 

(from "Through The Looking Glass And What Alice Found There).

Ans so she did, she ran twice as fast until she could see her face to face. And then Alice with he wind against  her hair lifted the blade, "OFF WITH HER HEAD!"

The scene faded away, gone with the winter breeze and then she woke up in a very wide but elegant place. The throne room where the "Her Majesty" was once.

Alice´s eyes turned to a funny, man made chair made of glass.

"That´s impossible!" she said. "I´ve seen chairs made of wood, probably metal, or even stone like the cavemen used to have, but a throne made of glass is so very fragile that it should shatter into tiny crystals if anyone sat there!"

"But dear girl," replied the White Rabbit. "How will you know that it breaks if you haven´t even tried it yet?"

"I have heard, you see," continued Alice. "Cups when they fall on the ground, windows when they get accidentally smashed, and also, looking-glasses..."

"That´s what you have learned so far, my dear," said the cottontail ." Down here, the strength of things is measured by your own. If now you think you´re as fragile as that chair then go ahead and sit on it and watch it become something irreparable."

"I am strong, I sure am." said Alice. "But this chair doesn´t belong to me, if I´m destined to be queen then I shall be Queen Alice. Furthermore, it means that I shall rule over you and you´ll become my servant, then our work will never be done. I may have destroyed your demons, but I shall not become another one of them."

The White Rabbit grew puzzled and his tiny knees were shaking.

"This throne is for you, but this is the symbol of what you had with the Queen, it was a mockery of a kingdom. It means NOTHING."

"Word witchcraft again, word witchcraft again," muttered the rabbit as he covered his long, velvet-like ears.

Alice approached the magnificently crafted chair. "Thank you for carrying me all the way up to here, you silly little thing, and then she talked out loud as she sat:

    "This is where it starts.
    This is where it will end.
    Here comes the moon again."

"Watch this, you need to," she continued and got up. Single-handedly she lifted the glass throne with such ease. The White Rabbit saw dozens and dozens AND DOZENS of shards fly across the room, were they diamonds? No, but it seemed like they were...

The diamond storm turned now into a big fire:

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