Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New Status Update!

This reminds me of a rather unusual situation into which I ran some days ago. As I walked down a street an very skinny old woman passed by carrying a poodle in her arm and as soon as I made eye contact she shouted, "the mouth of the wolf." She must have been a schizophrenic, I´m not sure. Supernatural things happen everyday, that´s what makes life extra special.

And by the way you may have heard some stories about Manson´s personal life right now, but this is absolutely not the place to bring that up; the so-called news are elsewhere. In the meantime we´re almost done devouring EAT ME, DRINK ME, we´re at the last track, how does this story end?

    "This is where it starts.
    This is where it will end.
    Here comes the moon again."

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