Wednesday, July 28, 2010

About The Black Period...

Not that we´re assuming anything, but according to my Art classes The Black Period was also associated to Pablo Picasso´s, also known as African or Negro, for his love of African art, which can be seen in his inconic painting "Les Desmoiselles D´Avignon"; a nude piece, where if you notice one of the girl´s faces is painted black and in a sort of elongated manner.

Then I immediately compared it to this recent Manson painting:

an untitled portrait of  Naveen Andrews, from
the Black Period?
Might be just a coincidence, both in our most humble opinion it could be an exploration of a new style. Of course, Picasso was always eager to find new and innovative ways to paint. Maybe we´ll see in the near future more abstract painitings by Manson?

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