Thursday, June 17, 2010

New Status Update: Fait Divers

By fait divers Manson could be referring to a French word or slang that means "brief news stories". This is related to yesterday´s post about the current art exhibition called "The Alchemy Of Things Unknown" which is being currently held in LA. He also posted a picture of the painting that´s on display named "When I Get Old".

The image is said to have been inspired by William Burroughs, and according to Manson is an example of what he would look like as an older man. He also holds a cup which presumably containing absinthe. Later on, the same image was used for commercial purposes for Manson´s label of the liquor, Mansinthe.

For more details visit the gallery´s website:

"Currently in my hood"...
"When I Get Old" by MM.

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