Friday, June 25, 2010

New Status Update: AS-IS-NESS

We suspect that the AS stands for "Antichrist Superstar". Well, the video is out of the bag, could it be that there will be a re-release of this infamous album, probably the most important record in Marilyn Manson´s career?

Afterall, it has been almost fifteen years since it first came out. There´s a lot of stuff that remains a mystery, besides this latest video. 1996 was also the year we discovered Marilyn Manson existed, and all because of MTV. Well, techincally I stole a mixed tape from a friend of my brother, and from there I slowly crawled my way into "Antichrist Superstar". Your mother would never let you listen to that, so it was fun to listen to it behind closed doors, that was the whole POINT! Pissing people off! If it didn´t, then it wasn´t rock n´roll.

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