Wednesday, June 23, 2010

New Marilyn Manson and David Lynch Exhibition in Austria...

...Once a rumor, now it´s confirmed.

"Are You Sure You Will Be Comfortable?" from
the Elizabeth Short as Snow White series
Kunsthalle Wien, in Vienna, Austria proudly presents "Genealogies of Pain", an exhibition which curiously shows the work both of Marilyn Manson and film director David Lynch. And this is because Manson is a visual artist who expresses pain and agony in his watercolors for the sole purpose of self-discovery.

According to the official press release about David Lynch´s work being presented:

The exhibition also comprises short films by filmmaker David Lynch as a counterpart to and historical reference for Manson’s paintings. As suggested by their titles – “Six Men Getting Sick” (1967), “The Grandmother” (1970), and “The Amputee” (1973) – Lynch is also concerned with the reflection of pain and its aestheticization as well as the deformation and transience of the human body.
The show will be held from June 30th until July 25th 2010, it´s not yet confirmed if Manson will be attending the opening night. However this has been a very artistic year for the man, keep it up! Our hopes are still set on Mexico City. By the way, if you happen to be around Mexico, visit the Brian Eno´s exhibition "77 millions of paintings" at the Anahuacalli Museum.

More information about "Genealogies Of Pain"

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