Wednesday, June 16, 2010

"The Alchemy Of Things Unknown" New Art Exhibition Featuring MM and others...

"Everyone Has A Blue Period" by MM,  circa 2010.

"The Alchemy Of Things Unknown" (and a visual meditation on transformation)" is the name of a current art exhibition featuring the visual works of Marilyn Manson and other great artists, poets and philosophers of the 20th century; it examines individual works of art in relation to theosophy, sacred traditions and devotional practice.

Artists include Paul Laffoley, Harry Smith, Marjorie Cameron, Willian Blake, Austin Ossman Spare, Scoli Acosta, Kenneth Anger, Aleister Crowley, Zach Harris, Susan Hiller, Alfred Jenson, Angus MacLise, JFC Fuller, and Marilyn Manson. Not sure which MM paintings will be shown.

It´s scheduled since June 10th 2010 until July 31st at Khastoo Gallery in los Angeles, so if you have the chance stop by this weekend!

For more details, please visit:

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