Friday, June 4, 2010

3:15, A Short Story Inspired By "Devour"...

Because this is a blog dedicated to all forms of arts, this Friday I decide to share with you this short story which was inspired by the track "Devour" from 2009´s "The High End of Low".


In the tradition of Manson´s love for Numerology I chose it as a reference to 3 in the morning, a bewitching  hour which is believed where the spirits gather opposite to 3 in the afternoon, the hour of the death of Christ.

by Beli Cantu

At the edge of the ungodly hour as I guzzled my third drink alone in my icy room I contemplated the pale reflections of those that were mine and now became ghostly black cats with pupils so tiny they seem like needles.But don´t think I drank to forget but to turn the euphoric feeling that allowed me to sever them up with the intensity of my words, "Out, all of you! Be gone!". If you could see how ridiculous and silly they seemed.

But this trick was not enough. While trying to strangle them with a hug they nested deep in my heart. And then the feeling of that old sting again, a sharp pain that didn´t make me mourn but disappear, "Not yet! Still do not want eternal sleep!"

A shower of broken glass broke the silence, I must have dropped my glass, which no longer had a cloud emerald absinthe but of a newborn. The crying of an infant become a white cat. Triumphant she drove the shadows where they belonged and when she finished her good deed she found refuge upon my aching chest making me close my eyes without fear like no other.
My innocence was she, perishable because of me, perhaps it would last a day or two. So I renew to feel in control, to appear presentable to the world in one of my many sprees sentence without realizing it. A bird of prey now look in the eyes of the young throbbing, in the laughter at the surface, the softness of her silky lips.

Don´t think that this ends my nocturnal battle. Until the end of my days, women turned into black cats cross my path from time to time. God forbid that they multiply. Even so, we will meet again around the beastly hour, three in the morning that my sweet mother hated.

You can listen to "Devour" as you read:

TRIVIA:  Did you know that the lyrics "My pain is not ashamed to repeat itself..." were also mentioned on the short film "Doppelherz" from 2003?

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snizel said...

This is fantastic :)
I love devour !

btw, just wonder, you mind to write about MA era?
all the story about omega and alpha..?

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