Saturday, May 15, 2010

WOW Unraveled

Torture-production-orientation film created in a very different time. First used to write the song WoW, circa 2008
(MM, 2010)

So is this really a new video that Marilyn Manson was trying to show us, or something to keep us entertained while we wait for his new album?

The truth is; yes and no. See, this film footage was just used as inspirational material to write the song back in 2008. So let's take a look at this evidence to see how far we can go.


The track emphasizes the use of the word "wow" and wears it out as much as possible. However what Manson might have meant to say is that is not the traditional expression we use everyday when we seem amazed.

Below are other synonyms for WOW

at the end, the concept "torture" is implied, and here's another reason why:

There’s a word that’s like you
Because it can be a noun, a verb, a exclamation, or the thing I say
(from WoW, the High End of Low)

Again "WOW" is extended to other possible definitions. One of Manson's favorite movie directors, Gaspar Noe came out with a film in 2002 named "Irreversible".The film also uses extremely low-frequency sound during the opening twenty to thirty minutes to create a state of disorientation and unease in the audience, including the nine minute rape scene. This could also match the sound of this song.

it doesn't matter how many times I say it, it never gets old...
(from WoW, the High End of Low)

The word "wow" is also known in grammar as a palindrome, words that are spelled the same both forwards and backwards. Curiously, exceptional or gifted people play with palindromes, this reminds me of the movie "Little Man Tate" starring Jodie Foster where this is shown.

Take a look at this example that begins and ends with "W"

"Won't I panic in a pit now"

When the word is physically inverted it spells "MOM". Also, Manson had this word tattooed into one of his wrists.

Psychological torture in a few words.


That fascinating part about this clip are the multiple visual references. I instantly remembered while watching Evan twirling the strap in her dress in a very naive mood the image of Elizabeth Short in the Black Dahlia.

Manson already did several 'tribute' paintings to the actress who was inmortalized by her gruesome murder and not her films. In the evidence found at the scene of the crime her cheeks were slit to resemble a bigger smile, (also known as the Glasgow Smile)and you can see it the smeared lipstick in the "WOW" video.

Mia Kirshner as Elizabeth Short, nicknamed "The Black Dahlia".

You might also want to know that the movie of "The Black Dahlia" from 2006 opens with what appears to be a screen test for newcomer Elizabeth Short who apparently seeks fortune and fame in los Angeles. Here you can observe she has a sort of girly, innocent posing.


Over the past month on April 2, 2010,Manson was mentioned in Perou's secret diary to have used other films as inspirational material for his album such as Werner Herzog's "The Bad Lieutenant".

So what's for the future M? Don't keep us waiting too long "or else" and I quote we'll grow the meantime treat yourselves with these great movies:

The Black Dahlia, 2006, by Brian de Palma.

The Bad Lieutenant, 1993, by Werner Herzog.


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