Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Visual Parallels: Marilyn Manson and Madonna

ell yes, both have stage names that start with "M" but that's not the only visual coincidence.

Recently, this photo appeared in 2010 for the cover of Interview magazine in which Madonna is shown with a red cross in front of her face. Remember a few years ago the singer turned to Kabbalah? (Jewish mystical teachings), but she still can't deny her Catholic roots, as showed in the eighties with the controversial video "Like A Prayer."

Immediately I recalled the image of the cover of Marilyn Manson's single "Personal Jesus" released in 2004 around the era of Lest We Forget.

The art is also suspiciously similar to Madonna's, since it focuses on the theme of Jesus, there are symbols and a thick red cross on a black and white background.

Copy cat or coincidence? What do you think?

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