Friday, May 21, 2010


This site is for you, because I know how much you´ve followed and appreciated Marilyn Manson, the man and the band.

Over the past 14 years I´ve been a follower, now I am humble painting in progress, soon to become a work of art. The main goal is to keep Manson´s spirit alive and shout it out as loud as we can because we are Beautiful People who need to be heard. They might call us crazy, goth, emo, weirdos, freaks,maniacs or whatever you wanna call it but sometimes they forget we have a huge heart and a huge brain.

The internet media has had its way to bring the image of Marilyn Manson down again and again, however there are different sides to every story and this blog is one of them; the unexplicable, the unpredictable and uncanny that has been a trademark of this rockstar.
No, we don´t have all the answers, but the idea is to open minds and provoke to make a change, a catharsis so we can no longer be considered Disposable Teens. The power is in your hands; so you decide if you just want to be a fan or become something else so that you can safely say, "he was my mentor, and made me a thinker, a fighter and a leader."

For you, this video by Moby "Beautiful".

Now, get LOST!

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