Thursday, May 6, 2010

Marilyn Manson Reveals Collaboration with Naveen Andrews?

Surprisingly this morning I found Manson's My Space status with the following information:

Marilyn Manson: Sayid played guitar, jamming good with...
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Sayid, Sayid Jarrah or so to speak may be referring to the character played by actor Naveen Andrews in "Lost," which already has several seasons on the air.

What's Naveen got to do with music? Although he hasn't recorded much it's known that he plays guitar and sings as it is decribed above.

This confirms the rumors that had been unoficially going on the popular social network that Marilyn Manson had any connection or preference with the Lost series. In fact, it just could have been ideas that the rocker picked up while working with Naveen.

Hopefully more details become available, in fact you can get material of this remarkable actor playing guitar on You Tube. It has a pretty good execution style, reminiscent of classic rock more like what some bands are producing right now like Queens of the Stone Age, Crooked Them Vultures and Stone Temple Pilots.

Links of Naveen Andrews playing guitar in The House of Blues:

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