Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hey Manson, Holywood Does Exist!

Indeed Holywood is not only the fictional land described in the 2000 album, Holywood (in the shadow of the Valley of Death), but also it's a village in County Down, Northern Ireland, on the shores of Belfast Lough, between Belfast and Bangor. Holywood Exchange Airport and Belfast City. The place is famous for organizing the annual blues and jazz festivals.

How it got its name? Holywood comes from the Latin Sanctus Boscus (holy wood in Spanish) by the Normans in relation to the forests that surrounded a monastery founded by St. Laiseran before the year 640. Over time the word was changed to Saint Hieronymus Bosch Haliwode.

What's attractive in Holywood, Ireland? It is famous for having a May pole (Maypole) in the center of town, its origin is uncertain, but according to local legend dating from 1700 when a Dutch ship ran aground and the crew erected the mast to show appreciation by the population. The maypole is still used for the May Day fair. For this purpose there is an adjacent Maypole Bar.

The Ulster Folk and Transport Museum illustrates the way of life and traditions of the people of Ulster in Cultra.

Holywood People:

- Garth Ennis (comic book writer), Rory McIlroy (golfer), Tom Kerr (comic book artist), Clive Standen (actor), among others.

Images of the real Holywood:

Would you want to go to Holywood?

Curious facts:

- The word Holywood was used on the cover of a cassette demo of MM and the Spooky Kids first entitled "Big Black Bus", appeared as Holywood PROD.

- Holywood is also extracted from a 1990 novel of a series called Discworld books by Terry Pratchett published.

(Sources: Wikipedia and Mansonwiki)

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