Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Death Metal Band Spawns From "Splatter Sisters"...

According to MTV:

One of the most exciting new projects to surface amidst the many screenings and parties at Cannes Film Festival is "Splatter Sisters," a horror flick set to star Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood. I'm pretty stoked for it, especially with David Gordon Green and Edward Pressman ("The Crow," "American Psycho") producing. Adam Bhala Lough will direct, following up his stellar 2009 Lil Wayne documentary "The Carter."

As soon as I read about "Splatter Sisters," I wanted to know more. The original report mentions gore, exploitation and a desire to in some way evolve "Skinemax" film, similar to how Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez throw back to the '70s in "Grindhouse." So I put in a call to Pressman's office; not only was he more than happy to talk about "Splatter Sisters," he also connected me with Lough for an in-depth follow-up chat. Pressman's comments are after the jump; check back here tomorrow for a deep dive into Lough's twisted vision.
"The project and Adam Lough were introduced to me by David Gordon Green who I've known since he did 'George Washington,'" Pressman said. "I don't know how old David is, he's less than 30, but he already has a couple of proteges."

"I saw [Adam's] work and thought he was very talented and smart. David and he came up with the idea [for 'Splatter Sisters'] together really." He went on to reveal that Lough pitched the film with a show reel made up of movie clips, including material from "Natural Born Killers," Japanese filmmaker Takeshi Kitano and a number of horror films.

The intent is for "Splatter Sisters" to hearken back to Skinemax-era exploitation. More on this tomorrow, as Lough has a very clear idea of what that means. Speaking to Pressman, it's clear that he has the utmost faith in his director. The next step at this point is bringing it all together.

"We wanted to get the cash set, which we now have," he said. "We've met some people interested in financing it and some music-related companies are interested [as well], so we're right in the middle of arranging the financing with the aim of doing the film this winter. It's got to work around Evan's schedule, and also Marilyn's going on tour, but that seems to be the best [possibility]."

One fact which fans of Manson's music will find very interesting is that he has plans to incorporate those talents into the movie. "Marilyn is a death metal rocker, which is a different kind of music than he's known for. He's going to form a new band for the film... that would record or tour for this new entity," Pressman said.

Also intriguing is the idea of seeing Manson's on-screen chemistry with Wood, to whom he is engaged. "Evan is one of these two Splatter Sisters. They're... totally alienated from their families, who are not good to them, and they take on a vagabond life. They're on the road... to go to Hollywood. They're fans of Marilyn's band and become indoctrinated under his spell in the movie."

Horror + Manson + music= all Hell breaks loose.

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