Monday, May 10, 2010

Daily Reflections: Strength

"Stay strong, it's only a snake bite..." (MM, 2010)

Sometimes the figure is marked by XI or VIII according to the deck. Historically it was called Fortress, and the Thoth Tarot was called Lust.

Over the years it has been given several interpretations:

- Self Control

- Robust

- Patience

- Compassion

- Composture

- Stability

- Perseverance

- Moderation

- Courtesy

- Calm

- Sweetness

- Serenity

- Comprehension

- Discipline

- Inner strength

A Little History:

The Strength was also known originally as Fortitude and accompanies the cardinal virtues in the Major Arcana which are: Temperance and Justice. The meaning of the Fortitude was different from the interpretation of the card. It was something like moderation in attitudes as pain and danger, even if they were inevitable.

The oldest decks had other symbols as a woman holding a pillar while others showed a man or a woman taming a lion.

Other curious facts:

Heracles, the son of Zeus is an archetype of the Strength, and is remembered by the twelve tasks that are also linked to the Zodiac.

The goddess Cybele was associated with cats, either them around her throne or in a chariot drawn by cats.

Also this card is associated with Wands. The Fire, a creative force is balanced somewhat by the fact of being dominated by a female force.

In numerology the Strength is the sum of the letter of the Star (17) where: 1 +7 = 8, which would be the Strength.

The lion represents the sun, making the Strength a solar hero as he is associated with Heracles.

As is the eighth letter is associated with Arachne, who challenges Athena to a weaving contest and wins. The goddess Athena transforms her into a spider as punishment.

"I'll build you a church or shiny dollhouse
For You to shrink
Into a tiny spider wight
horrid memories and gorge on
conceited with wings. "(Wight Spider, the High End of Low).

When the Force is featured in a spread is facing a challenge that requires a tremendous response instead of using brutal force.

The card, carried out on Marilyn Manson's lyrics:

"There are the weak ones to justify the strong." (The Beautiful People)

"Together as One Against all others ..." (Running To The Edge Of The World)

"Because today is black, Because There Is No Turning Back. Because I Watered Have your lies, I Have Become the Strongest weed." (Kinderfeld)

And the opposite side of the Force:

"I'm on my way down now, I'd like to take
you with me
I'm on my way down
I'm on my way down now, I'd like to take
you with me
I'm on my way down
That the minute it's born
It Begins to Die
I'd love to just give in,
I'd love to live this lie. " (The Minute of Decay)

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