Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bedtime Story: Emily the Strange and Marilyn Manson.

I stumbled upon a winter day with this edition of Emily the Strange Comic # 3: Let There Be Dark, around 2006. It included an "interview" entitled: Another Strange Interview: Marilyn Manson, where the guest and Emily visit a carnival at night while chatting among many other things like the darkness, grotesque and violence.

I put the dialogues below. If it´s still possible to get this in comic shops and conventions so much better!

Emily: Meet you at dusk...

MM: That´s so 1990, I´ll meet you just after dark...

Emily: That gives me an excellent idea!

MM: We´re either gonna be part of the solution or part of the problem.

Emily: Mystery taught me to see in the dark last night like a cat, I can show you how.

MM: What do you think THIS is for? (pointing at contact lens) All that we see is but a dream within a dream.* *Poe Goth

Emily: What do you hope to find in this place? (arriving at the carnival called Palace of the Grotesque)

MM: I hope to see Michael Jackson´s nose, Daryl Hannah´s pinky finger, and Mr. T´s now forsaken gold chains.

Emily: How do you so much about the grotesque?

MM: From previous relationships with women on the WB network and watching E! Online.

Emily: Have you ever seen through the looking glass?

MM: I like looking through the glass.

Emily: What do you see?

MM: Ugly does what ugly is.

Emily: Does that look like anyone you know?

MM: Not JUDAS*, if that was the case I´d look like one of the Village People.

Emily: What is your favorite game?

MM: High school boys gone wild!

MM: (in a shooting gallery): If it moves, salute it, if it doesn´t shoot it.

Emily: Why are people so into violent games?

MM: Most of them are just smart enough to realize that they are stupid, and it pisses them all, so they want to hurt someone.

Emily: What do you suppose is in the deep fryer now?

MM: Skinned Ostrich on a stick. Don´t worry ´cause there´s no fur on it and people can´t be pissed at you and you can still hang out with Stella Mc Cartney and other tree-hugging hippies if you decide to do so, but only if you plan on stabbing them with a pocket knifein the midst of a picnic!

Emily: (Staring at the deep fryer): Ewww

MM: I know where we can go...

(Entering Golgotha, the Mountain of Madness)

Emily: (holding a spark plug): What do think THIS is?

MM: It´s like a spark plug but it´s a Dark Plug; not to be confused with a Butt Plug (so don´t sit on it!) but if you plug it in...

Emily: Is there anything to be afraid of in this dark unknown?

MM: Everything we saw in the light was scarier because those people have to wake up everyday and be themselves...we can just go in here and it doesn´t matter and we can have a good time.

Emily (pointing at some monsters): What made those two so grumpy?

MM: I think someone must have just taken their mini thins*
trucker speed, they are really having a hard time coming down and it´s not pleasant when you see a couple of good-looking folks like ourselves.

Emily: What makes you scream?

MM: What doesn´t?

Emily: What happens if we disappear into the darkness?

MM: Anything could happen, some people call it the Sasquatch, some people call it the Chupacabra, some people call it Courtney Love, BEWARE, do not enter the cave!.

Emily: I need a brake...

Emily: Come the sun, our fun is done. What are you gonna do now?

MM: I´m bored with worshipping the Devil, shooting up schools, and humping security guards´ heads, so I think I´m going to go to church.

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