Sunday, April 25, 2010

Manson´s Cameo in new Rammstein video...

So we stumbled upon Rammstein´s new video which is called "Haifisch".

Why do I comment it here? Because there is an actual special appearance by Marilyn Manson, which happens to be one of the "guests" at this funeral.

The song itself has a vibe and sound very similar to Manson´s song "Arma-goddam-motherf****n-geddon".

You might also want to point out the fact that Rammstein did some pictures for the cover art of "Sehnsucht" with Gotfried Helnwein, who also happened to work with Manson previously on "Golden Age of Grotesque".

Some say in this video there´s just a picture of this MM album in the background, but I´ll leave you with some screenshots so you´ll be the judge...

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Anonymous said...

Manson was in Lost Highway, which also had two Rammstein songs in it -- that's what we think the connection is. Plus, he's a huge fan of R+, so it wouldn't be amiss to see him paying his respects at a funeral of one of the members. Still not sure about the cut out thing tho!

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