Saturday, April 3, 2010

Level 3: The Psychic Bond

Although we had already lightly covered the concept of "empathy art" Einfühlung the next and last level of provocation that could be considered in th art of Manson would be known in the paranormal slang as "psychic bond."

We've heard, even as an urban legend that there is some innate sensitivity that can connect mothers to their children, also twins and proves to be a feeling that leads to a strong desire to protect. The closer the affinity, is blood-related or not, the greater will be the possibilities of a psychic bond. But overall, we are all candidates to have one.

But that produces the link? The psyche is tied to the subconscious, which is part of the mind that holds the most primitive feelings, anxieties and fears. These feelings have their own language that is projected in dreams. During sleep we may have several episodes in one night or during the wake and remember little or great detail. It is said that even derived from the ESP (extra-sensorial perception).

The link may also result in physical or emotional pain. However, it should not always handle it in a subjective manner; we must first analyze and then show it, it is recommended to keep a dream diary; this way we can see if there is an evolution in feelings.

There are also several books that explain the meaning or interpretation of the dream experience. If you train your mind well enough you will probably have some episodes in which Manson appears as the protagonist, but depending on the situation will have meaning in your life.

As recommendation every time you dream of anything ask yourself how did you feel after awakening?

Some literature that might help more:

Stories of Psychic Bonds Between Mother and Child, by Cassandra Eason.

From Parent to Child: The Psychic Link, Carl Jones

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