Friday, April 9, 2010


One had to wear because it was absolutely necessary; the other by mere fixation. In this example I took the corsets the main subject.

While in dream symbolism corsets mean restraint and restrictions, also limitations, in Frida's painting "The Broken Spine" (La Columna Rota) the main meaning is because of her need to wear medical corsets. In this case it was a metallic one made around 1944. Most of the things surrounding the painting are not only physical pain, but emotional because the longest nail is at her heart.She is alone in the desert and it seems that she will have to deal with these ordeals by herself.

On the other hand Manson has explained or most people have tried to explain his recurring use of corsets. Some say that there are references to sadomasochism and movies such as "The Rocky Horror Show" where Dr. Frankenfurter wears this attire most of the time. So this could be more of a fetish than anything else. But in some rare ocassions, as in this picture above where he stands next to a stained glass window with an image of Jesus it could also refer to physical pain in order to connect with a higher level of spirituality. Also, in some tours such as "Dead To The World" he uses oversized crutches and stilts to enhance the meaning. Likewise, it may still have different interpretations. Your turn.

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