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15 Good (goddam) Reasons To Believe That Eat Me,Drink Me,The High End of Low and the Untitled Album Are a New Trilogy

WARNING: What you´re about to read is no way considered a spoiler for Marilyn Manson´s next album (because we don´t even have a clue what it will sound or look like). So this is why we came up with 15 good and goddam reasons that will lead us to believe at least that the last two records are tied by several circumstances and if it´s meant to be a trilogy then we already know what to expect; Enjoy!

1. The use of the spiral heart and the Cross of Lorraine.

Around the time the infamous Celebritarian Corporation was conceived (an elite of artists founded by MM) the symbol of the Cross of Lorraine was chosen and reshaped to resemble two symmetrical horizontal lines. This worked well to represent the dychotomy that has become somewhat of a trademark on MM's work.

The symbol was referenced from there on tons of times; in imagery and merchandise. However, rumor has it in the EMDM cover art there is a suspicious outline on the frames of the window that look like the cross. It's no secret as well that M wears the Lorraine ring most of the time.

The spiral heart was also created for the EMDM and used throughout the era. But in the High End of Low, you can still see it one of the pictures of the cover art as shown below.

Although it might not have been meant to stick until the very end in a way M still draws every single time he can.

2. The symbolism about blood and being bloodened

Back in EMDM had covered the eerie subject of vampirism (and no, it had NOTHING to do with Twilight) and blood was a constant symbol as in the first two videos , "Heart-Shaped Glasses" and "Putting Holes In Hapiness"

The mentions of this word continue on The High End of Low

"you're not crying, this is blood all over me." (Devour)

"they will all drown in our blood..." (Wight Spider)

"white cotton panties soaked and stained red..." (Into The Fire)

3. Key phrases: 6:19, here comes the Moon again, heart-shaped glasses, "high" and "low".

It's no secret that the presence of E introduced the entire concept of Lolita used for EMDM numerous times. However, very few people know the heart-shaped glasses are just part of the poster art and never inlcluded in any film version. But let's face it; they are still trendy (until we grow tired from them).

6:19 is referencing the song "If I Was Your Vampire" and apparently has no other meaning. But in this recent picture the number still haunts us, a possible sign?

The use of words like "high" and "low" have several can apply to a large number of concepts. In English slang it can mean the good times and the bad times, or when someone is extremely excited or depressed.

In the lyrics of Heart-Shaped Glasses this concept is used:

"that blue is getting me high getting me low..."

and in the song "High End of Low"

"we reached the high end of low..."

4. The sober ambients and tinted pictures

The photogrpahy style became more sober and minimalistic, using the shadow to literally flood the subject. You can see it here and in the stills of Phantasmagoria:

Notice how most of the time the females are surrounded by darkness, almost like ghostly figures, and in this recent one that's unoficiallly part of the new album.

Tinted pictures are used as well on High End of Low. As I covered earlier, the use of blue and red lighting is highly noticeable in EMDM and High End of Low as shown below.

5. Continuity between the new intro and "Running To the Edge of the World"

Last year we were given the chance to see "Running To The Edge of World" through MM's website (and was later unoficially distributed on You Tube), a somewhat soft snuff video which shouts "domestic violence" all over the place.

However, the new intro for MM's website revisits the idea, as if it were part 2...

6. Breakups, breakups and more breakups, or 'loss'...

wasn't EMDM's intro song "If I Was Your Vampire" referring to a relationship that ended, as in the lyrics below:

..."this is where it starts, this is were it will end, here comes the Moon again..."

7. The Phantom of the Paradise makeup and props (butcher's knife)

"The Phantom of the Paradise" is a 1974 musical film written and produced by Brian de Palma (director of such movies as "Scarface") an is considered somewhat of a mockery of many films, particularly the Phantom of the Opera.

8. The ghost of "Phantasmagoria" still lurking about...

So the movie was all about Alice anyway! The movie still doesn't have a release date but its style is used like in the pictures below.

Also, the masked "twins" appeared once in the MM's website intro a few years ago

9. The logo hasn't changed (yet)...

This is the design used in the High End of Low

This is the design we see now until further notice

10. The presence of ERW

Call it coinicidence but it wouldn't make any sense to sing "Heart-Shaped Glasses" or "Running To the Edge of the world" without her, not to mention that she 'unofficially' collaborates with photographs, such as these:

11. Inmortality, inlcuded in topics and symbols such as vampirism (EMDM), spiral, swastika and the tursaansydän...

Like it was described below the spiral in the heart design resembles ancient celtic symbols which stand for movement, evolution and eternity as shown here:

One of the origins of the swastika goes back to Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism

Its Finnish parallel could be the tursaansydän or "heart of Tursas" which stands for good luck and is also one of MM's tats

Notice also that tursaansydän was used in Lappish shaman drums

12. Keywords such as "blue" and the concept behind it.

As I explained in earlier blogs, the use of the Blue Period concept seems latent now, but you can still notice it in this pic and the blue skull painting...

Also some other keywords have been used such as "ocean", "blue moon", "a planet inside", so go figure.

13. Handwriting and writings on the walls.

M's own handwriting was used for the art of EMDM and it continues to be seen in the walls of his 'room' in the High End of Low album art.

14. The version 'sooner than expected', as stated in a recent interview.

These were the exact words "I think people can expect the album out sooner than expected," said in an interview with Metal Hammer in December 2009 just as he had announced his departure from Interscope Records.

As mentioned in Metal Hammer: "We have recently been released from our contract with Interscope Records, so much creative control was limited in decisions reports, music videos, things like that.

So we started writing new songs while touring, just as David Bowie did (Aladdin Sane), I think people may expect a new album much sooner than expected. "

As for the sound are concerned, this is what he said in 2009, "yes, I think it would be more badass. I think that will be more romantic, perhaps. ... Auto abusive

Remember sequels of films like "Matrix Reloaded" and "Matrix Revolutions" and "Back to the Future II" and "Back to the Future III"?

The time between the sequel and the third part was not so long, nearly a year. So here we are a year later. The High End of Low announced on this month in 2009. You really can see this new material? ...

15. Possible signs found on "Running To The Edge of the World"

Suggesting a possible continuation, in the mentioned video Manson is closing a diary or journal. Since this is the most recent video it gives us the feeling that someting is about to end.

Are these actual signs of the third and final chapter?

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