Monday, March 15, 2010

A Hint of Blue; The Damien Hirst/Marilyn Manson Connection

OK, I´m not the kind of person who likes to leak stuff on the web. But there´s one thing I couldn´t help wondering.

A while ago a series of pics surfaced on Marilyn Manson´s My Space labeled "Bob Mussell (Crime Scene)". Actually they were two pics. However as far I researched Bob Mussell is a photographer who was worked with Marilyn Manson for quite a long time, he´s credited in "The Long Hard Road Out of Hell" autobiography. Please compare the pics below:

Furthermore, the installations shown don´t seem to be part of Mussell´s work. So then I stumbled upon another artist who had been around since the 90s known as Damien Hirst.

He has gained international fame for his signature installations which include the recurring use of stuffed animals, crates, skulls and several references to drugs. His art has been some categorized as "Shock Art" (compare to Marilyn Manson´s "shock rock")

Another clue that Manson might have taken some influence from Hirst is the recent watercolor provisionally named "Everyone Has a Blue Period" where there´s a blue and black skull smeared against a white background. Damien Hirst´s "Human Skull In Space" features a blue skull with surgical instruments.

Another hint? Compare these two close-ups I found where both wear hoodies and making faces...

Of course, can this be a sample of what we can expect from Marilyn Manson´s next album we´ll have to wait. Until then keep posted...

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