Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bloody Hell...

This time I chose a recurring element in Marilyn Manson´s imagery which is blood, which can have different connotations, but in this case I prefer to handle it as the display of raw emotions; deep feelings or rage.

It did take me a while to figure this one out; the element of blood is recurrent, as you can see it in the album cover of Eat Me, Drink Me; the walls are decorated in red, very much like the scene of a crime or a horror movie. From another perspective, think about the circumstances that were surrounding Manson at the time; breakups, personal issues, etc. All of these can be interpreted in the bleeding...

On an additional note, the front cover shows a rip, like a torn picture, like the ones couples usually tear up when they break up.

The "M´s" are in a way simulating bleeding:

Here´s another example taken from the "Heart-Shaped Glasses" video where there´s the scene of Evan covered in blood on a bed. Here the concept changes slightly. It can also mean that this girl is full of life, as in a new relationship.

Now observe this watercolor "Everyday It Hurts To Wake Up". Already this is covering the subject of blood and the bed. This can be referring to heavy stress of emotional drain to the point that it wears out.

Compare also to this video still of "Apple of Sodom". The mannequin bleeds from her left side as she falls.

Recently "Running To The Edge Of The World" also included a blonde model drenched in blood, but this time the circumstances were different. There was rage and the desire to kill. Another tormented relationship?

"Blood-stained sheets in the shape of your heart, this is where it starts, this is where it will end..."

This is also a list of Manson songs that mention the word "blood"

"Son of Man": "blood and family"
"Negative 3": "give me your blood, your teeth"
"Let Your Ego Die": "and her pen is bleeding"
"Misery Machine": "blood is pavement"
"Eye": "I come, I bleed enough"
"User Friendly": "I've bled just to have your touch"
"Coma White": "Just bleeding like a polaroid that Lost all her dolls"
"Astonishing Panorama of the Endtimes": "violence for the people they always eat the hand that bleeds"
"Lamb of God": "there was blood on the pavement"
"Coma Black": "my heart's a tiny bloodclot" and "Her heart's a bloodstained egg"
"Diamonds & Pollen": "America bled to death"
"Redeemer": "For the blood of man"
"The Bright Young Things": "So sharp, I'm bleeding From my Judas Hole"
"Doppelherz": "I'm a canvas that bleeds"
"Mind of a Lunatic": "The sight of blood excites me" and "Sit down, and watch you bleed to death"
"If I Was Your Vampire": "Blood-stained sheets"
"Just a Car Crash Away": "And the mouth-marks bled down my eye"
"EAT ME, DRINK ME": "The trees in the courtyard are painted in blood"
"Devour": "you're not crying this is blood all over me"
"Wight Spider": "and they can all drown in our blood"


Your turn, what do you think blood means here?

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